Did Jenna's Mom REALLY Write The 'Carefrontation' Letter?

But, but...but...

If you saw all but the last five minutes of tonight's "Awkward" finale, look elsewhere. If you did watch, WHAT THE WHAT WAS THAT?! After it appeared like things were finally going Jenna Hamilton's way, and she got a reassuring handhold from her winter formal date, Jake, she stumbled upon a piece of information that stopped her in her tracks. The stationery pattern of the infamous "Carefrontation" letter matched that of the stack of paper her mother left inside the kitchen junk drawer. Suddenly, having to decide between two popular guys at a dance seemed like a pretty awesome problem. (Oh, yeah, that's because it is.)

Yes, Lacey Hamilton has made a biting remark or two toward her daughter. She's her primary peddler of alcohol, has told her she would look better with a more revealing wardrobe and is best friends with someone who refers to J as "Lil' Bitch." Still, her love for the "Awkward" teenager is undeniable. So what gives?

+ We can't wrap our head around this season cliffhanger, and have to wonder whether Jenna's mom really, truly wrote the note. What do you think?

Did Jenna's mom really write the 'Carefrontation' letter?

  • Yes, Lacey calls it like she sees it.
  • No, there has to be a reasonable explanation.

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