Soundtrack Spotlight: The DNC Charged With Pumping Up 'Cuff'd'

The young perps of "Cuff'd" can now take a small amount of solace in their backseat, tear-stained drive to the police station, for when they watch their arrest play out on MTV, the otherwise-shameful moment will be paired with some pretty solid tunage. In fact, thanks to The DNC and its multilingual frontman, Chobo, being forcefully escorted downtown has never sounded so good.

The Norwegian duo never had a doubt about its recipe for club hit success--since meeting six years ago, Chobo and producer J Ryggs have nearly perfected a meshing of hip-hop and electro-pop, which amounted to an eponymous album that first tore up dance floors in 2008. Now, on the heels of their sophomore album, "Unstoppable," their single "Upside Down" is the perfect accompaniment to televised unlawful behavior everywhere! Below, check out an exclusive interview, where the group explains how they wound up recording the theme song to "Cuff'd," and also catch their music video for "Electric."

+ The deluxe version of "Unstoppable," which includes "Upside Down," new track "BOUNCE" and four remixes to "Electric" is now available on iTunes.

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Photo courtesy of Recurrent Records