Ashley Rickards Was Stuck In First At Age '17' [Video]

Even Jenna Hamilton is cringing at this one.

A handful of high school students choke on their first shot at a driver's license, but most can say they left the parking lot. Ashley Rickards, sadly, cannot, which makes her "When I Was 17" bonus scene confession all the more "Awkward."

In this video, the actress behind the character behind "The Invisible Girl" blog reveals her deepest, darkest, driver's side secret--her test's instructor gave her a big, fat "F" before she ever hit the open road. Ashley claims the man told her she was headed straight for oncoming traffic, something she adamantly denies. Hey, at least she got the prized plastic eventually, numbering those dreadful days of getting dropped off by her mother.

+ Check out Ashley recounting her four-wheeled faux pas and tell us if your driver's test left you with road rash.

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