JWOWW Calls Out Snooki For Being A Drunk Bleep-Hole [Sneak Peek]

It started with a common obsession of gorilla juiceheads, finger food and the color tan, but after almost four "Jersey Shore" seasons of sharing good times, bad times and a nonworking toilet, JWOWW and Snooki have formed an unbreakable bond. And though we've never seen them shout at each other for something more serious than borrowing a set of eyelashes without permission, it's a given that all best friends eventually have it out at some point.

The time is now, y'all.

In this new sneak peek of Thursday night's episode, we'll finally get to see what happens when a meatball and praying mantis collide. It appears as if Snooki's had a bit too much to drink, and thus, scared her humiliated visitor, Jionni, straight down the back alleyway of a nightclub. As Jenni rips her bestie a new one for acting like an "a**hole," Snooks lets out a battle cry that would force a flock of seagulls into crash landing.

We'll let you decide whether or not "a**hole" is accurate terminology, but there's one person who strongly--and quite vocally--objects to such phrasing. It's the midget with the mascara-smudged cheeks who's demanding to "lay with" her man as she struggles (unsuccessfully) to balance herself on the stiletto-unfriendly streets of Florence.

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