Meet The Girls Of 'Real World: San Diego' Before Next Week's Premiere

"Real World" fans: We are a mere eight days away from the premiere of the series' 26th season, and with a Zimbabwe native, a pro football player and a self-described "stud lesbian" waiting to take over for the Las Vegas crew, how could it possibly disappoint?

Before the topless cartwheels and fights over dirty dishes commence, we wanted to give Remote Control readers a little more insight into the seven people set to take over Wednesday nights on MTV. So, as to not overwhelm you, here's the scoop on half the cast--the ladies of "Real World: San Diego." (Stay tuned for a meet and greet with the guys!)

Alexandra: How much time do you have? Alex grew up without electricity or running water, was a member of Zimbabwe's national gymnastics team and majored in Civil Engineering at Stanford (where she enrolled at age 15, no less). With only two months left of school, though, Alexandra dropped out to pursue a career as a singer/songwriter. Will the allure of the beach help or hinder the girl who says she's never been part of the "in" crowd?

Sam: "I'm supposed to be his wingman, but sometimes, you've just gotta take 'em all for you," Sam said in reference to roommate Nate after the two prowled the beach for chicks in a show promo. The former military brat is studying to become a parole officer and is not unused to the dramatics--having been part of an all-female love triangle as early as high school. This occasional drag king looks like she'll have no trouble making a splash with the girls of Southern California, according to the trailer. The question is: Just how much trouble will she get into?

Ashley: Will the girl with dreams of being a sideline reporter for the NFL fall for the guy who's destined for the league? Looks like it might happen. At the very least, Zach looks like he'll have a hard time taking his eyes off Ashley's famous ass. The 24-year-old New England native has never lived with anyone except her mother, so bunking with six complete strangers might throw her for a loop (especially in terms of whites versus colors, a distinction the non-laundering UConn grad never had to make). One thing's for sure: The only blondie will have no trouble fitting it at the beach.

Priscilla: Hands up if your grandma and grandpa paid for your fake boobs! Thought so. That's not the only thing that sets 19-year-old Priscilla, the baby of the cast, apart from her roommates, though. While she grew up with money to burn, her grandparents--illegal Mexican immigrants--were anything but wealthy, and paved the way for Priscilla's privileged lifestyle. Her mother is her best friend, and her family still lives in San Diego. Will they be too much of a crutch for Priscilla, who's looking to "never say no" during her time as a Real Worlder?

+ Things are certainly shaping up for the upcoming season! What do you think? Any early favorites? Check back soon for our take on the three guys of the house, and don't forget to tune in to the show's premiere next Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 10/9c.

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