'Jersey Shore' Poll: Was Snooki Asking To Get Dumped?

It can be tough to gauge which of Snooki's inappropriate (yet wildly entertaining) antics will set off Jionni--he went unbothered by her Meatball Mashup in Riccione, yet prior to that snapped at her for belching over the phone. On tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore," however, there was no question about how he'd respond to seeing his girlfriend flash her koo-kah to the beat of a club remix. It was obvious he'd go postal, and indeed, he did so with great gumption.

After dodging Friar Ron's attempt at imparting wisdom (Lord knows the guy's got some experience with this sort of relationship drama) and taking a self-guided tour throughout the streets of Florence, Jionni returned to the cast palace, where he exacted his revenge using the sword of silence and abandonment--the words "I'm done, Sam Nicole!" were never actually uttered (or were they? you couldn't hear much over Snooki's wailing) as he recklessly packed his Affliction tees and fled the scene--though we imagine next week's episode will conjure many an ultimatum from his pouty gorilla lips.

Unfortunately, panic is bound to set in for Snooks once the morning light, not to mention the stink of Parliament Lights and regret, hit her Soco-soaked brains, and we're not sure she'll be capable of having a rational conversation with him.

In our latest "Jersey Shore Hook-up," Snooki's housemates give a play-by-play of the hours-long ordeal and take sides on who was in the wrong (survey says: both of them). Watch the video clips below for their hindsight and to hear Snooki's personal recollection of her turkey meatball's chaos-laden visit. Plus, don't forget to take our poll and share your opinion about where the couple should go from here.

Should Snooki get dumped?

  • Yes, she embarrassed Jionni.
  • No, she deserves a second chance.
  • I dunno, but he shouldn't leave Italy before talking to her.

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