Jionni Comes To Florence, Mike Practices His Karate [Sneak Peek]

Think back to middle school dances, when adult chaperones would police the floor to make sure all couples remained at least 1-foot apart while grooving to R. Kelly. As if it were possible to get pregnant with your clothes on. Well, now Mike's taking a cue from those paranoid parents and teachers, because he's insisting that Snooki's boyfriend stay exactly 12 inches away from him.

Check out a sneak peek of Thursday's new episode of "Jersey Shore," where Sitch's practices some self-defense in anticipation of a blowup with Jionni. He's convinced that the guy knows about his maybe-hookup with Snooks, and he's resorted to martial arts as a form of protection. The Karate Kid demos his moves for his roommates, but it kiiinda just looks like he's teaching a cardio-boxing class (makes sense given that he put out a fitness DVD last year). Check it out and rate his moves.

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