That's What You Said...About Maci's High Expectations

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This week, one of the more comment-provoking stories on Remote Control focused on Maci and Ryan's communication breakdown. The ex-couple has always struggled to agree on how their son should be raised, but things got really bad when she discovered that Ryan was leaving Bentley at home with his own parents while he went out and partied. We asked you whether or not she was being too hard on him (67% of you said no); here's a sprinkling of what was posted on Remote Control and the "Teen Mom" Facebook page:

Remote Control

"I think she is more jealous about him going out than she is concerned about Bentley. Bentley was asleep anyhow." -- DallasGirl1980

"She gets mad when Ryan (the child's father) leaves Bentley with his parents (the child's grandparents), but expects no one to say anything when she leaves Bentley with Kyle and his mom (who, at this point, is nothing more than a step-dad)." -- unome_djd

"Bentley is so young, they should be putting him down by 6:00pm, 7:00pm at the latest. When he starts school, he's not going to be able to make it through the day if they keep up that schedule--especially if he has to go to aftercare." -- mgwrite


"I think Ryan just wants to party and the only reason he has any involvement is because of his parents. I think they are the ones who always force the issue." -- Sara S.

"Ryan went out after Bentley went to sleep! Is he supposed to sit by the crib and watch him all night? Maci needs to get over it." -- Angela G.

"Maci is a great mom! Ryan should stay home when he has Bentley. That's what he said he wants." -- Joanie M.

+ All of these viewers feel very differently about Maci's demands, but how do you feel? Should Ryan man up and opt to stay home with his son like the teen mom wants, or does she need to back off? Let's keep the convo going!

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