MTV Twitter Roundup: Spencer Pratt Wants Your Forgiveness

Spencer Pratt may have spent the greater part of the last decade performing publicity stunts that ensured no one could touch his "least likeable celebrity" crown, but according to a recent Tweet, he's ready for some forgiveness. The newly conscience-stricken reality star just wants to be liked, dammit! (We thought for sure rapping about poultry would have helped with that. Oh well.) At least his wife, Heidi Montag, who just celebrated a birthday, is still backing up her man.

Elsewhere, Deena felt a little judged following the most recent episode of "Jersey Shore" and penned a personal 140-character message for all the sourpusses out there. To paraphrase, it was "I can kiss whomever I want!" Sounds like a fair enough request. Her roommate, Mike, didn't seem too concerned with her bi-sexual behavior this week, as he was busy creating fresh acronyms (we're personally taking claim for inspiring him to do so).

Check out even more MTV stars' tweets below:

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Photo: Miranda Penn Turin