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According to Merriam Webster's @MTV's definition of the term #Swack (verb), it's when a person purposefully jacks another's swagga. And on that basis, there was--without question--an offense committed on last night's episode of "Jersey Shore" ('member that whole "YEAHHHH BUDDY!" scene pictured above?). Sorry, Ron--a jury would hardly side with you on this one.

In between sloppy pseudo-lesbian kisses, a car accident and the world's first panty-removal by means of dance, Mike and Pauly D had a sneaking suspicion that Ronnie was guilty on more than one count of identity theft and needed to be held accountable for his actions, all the while, spawning "swack" to describe the personality robbery. Pauly used it to explain how his big bud stole his signature routine of obnoxiously waking up the house, and here's how you used it on Twitter:

"Every time someone throws a bed out of a bedroom they #swack @MTVRonnie" -- @DorriBovaMendes

"Don't wanna swack but @DJPaulyD has some sick Burberry pants, think I'm gonna cop a pair." -- @ThomatJ

"Everyone who says #swack, #swacker, #swacking or any other form of the word is a Jersey Shore swacker. I include myself in that group." -- @Zackary_Waffles

"@MTVRonnie stays wearing J's he got plenty of #swag no #swack there!" -- @swaggdgeo

"Snapback season is over now it's Beanie Season. No one better swack my style!" -- @AdonisA_

"Sorry @DJPaulyD I swack your awesomeness all the time #yeahbuddy" -- @Caitie_Bee

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