Slammer Time Didn't Scare Deena With Snooks By Her Side [Video]

After a whirlwind trip to Riccione, where Deena and Snooki gave "Girls Gone Wild" a run for its money, the two friends (with obvious benefits) needed a sobering GTL sesh (nothing like sweating out last night's regret on a treadmill!). But as you saw during Episode 7 of "Jersey Shore," on the way home from the gym Snooks rammed her Fiat into the back of a cop car.

The ladies' brush with the law was unnerving to watch, but what was going through their minds when the police officer approached the vehicle? In this clip from the latest "Jersey Shore Hook-up," Deena admits to host Kenny Santucci that she was terrified by the post-accident scene, especially with the yellow caution tape being strewn about. Still, heading to the slammer wasn't such a scary thought, as long as she had her meatball-in-crime as a cellmate. It's not like they wouldn't know what to do with all that spare time...

+ Check out more of what Deena and her fellow housemates had to say about the crash, plus sound off about who you think is to blame for it.

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