Jenna Hamilton's Mom Was A '90s Pop Star...How 'Awkward.'

Nikki Deloach as one-fifth of the girl group Innosense in 1999, and now, as Lacey Hamilton in "Awkward."

Think you have it bad when your mom calls you "sweetie pie" in front of your friends? Consider uncovering the archives of her short-lived late '90s career as a pop sensation. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Nikki Deloach, a.k.a. Jenna Hamilton's mom, Lacey, was part of a midriff-baring, bubblegum-popping bona fide girl group, and, get this--Britney Spears was an original member. The "Awkward" Knick-Knackers probably aren't looking too bad right about now, eh, Jenna?

After a tenure as a Mouseketeer in "The New Mickey Mouse Club" alongside Spears, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera, Deloach forged a music career with the help of four other wide-eyed teens and twenty-somethings. The group, named Innosense, opened for *NSYNC and played a Britney concert or two, but never really caught on in the mainstream. Sadly, they disbanded in 2003.

Lucky for us, the YouTube era means we can still catch Deloach exacting choreography in a leather halter top as if 1999 were present day. Take a look at Innosense's music video for "Say No More," and get a glimpse of the group in the middle of a slumber party with none other than Brit Brit, herself.

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