Maci Worries That Ryan's Absence Upsets Bentley [Bonus Scene]

Maci gets blue whenever she has to bring her adorable little Bentley over to his dad's house. Her son is her world, and during the most recent episode of "Teen Mom," she lost it when friends told her that Ryan was spending his father-son bonding time out on the town with his buddies. Maci confronted her ex about his partying, but he claimed that he only left the house when Bentley was sleeping.

Check out this bonus scene from Tuesday's show, where Maci vents to a friend about the position that Ryan has put her in. She worries that Bentley's aware that his dad ignores him whenever he visits, and as much as she wants to shut Ryan out of their life altogether, she has to consider what's best for their child. She's very aware that Bentley needs a father who's in the picture.

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