Ronnie Pokes Fun At His Xenadrine Spokesperson Skills [Video]

If you're gonna call out's hired host for flubbing his lines, you best be prepared to make fun of your own bad self as well...especially if you've been featured countless times, stiff as a straightjacket, hocking diet pills during the commercial breaks of "Jersey Shore." Lucky for us, Ronnie--the guy who, according to the ads, broke his number one rule and fell in love at the shore...with a bottle of energy-boosting Xenadrine--ain't too proud to laugh at his on-camera chops, of which he admittedly has zilch. In fact, Ron's got a mighty good sense of humor about his recent performance as a spokesperson for weight loss supplements.

On Monday we filmed our online after show, the "Jersey Shore Hook-up," and as it often goes, some of the most memorable moments captured happened by accident. Such as when Ronnie made fun of Kenny Santucci's choppy elocution, which was met with a challenge by the peanut gallery (I'm a card-carrying member) to try and do better. Take a look at this hysterical outtake from the shoot, plus be sure and visit immediately following tonight's new episode (airs at 10/9c). The "Hook-up" is back, y'all, and it's barely edited.