Deena Reveals Just How Far Her Hookup Went With Snooki [Video]

What happened in Riccione definitely didn't stay in Riccione.

Pauly and Deena's sloppy kiss on the season premiere of "Jersey Shore" took us all aback, but tonight's hookup between Deena and Snooki really took the cake (and ate it, too). No one saw THIS coming! Well, unless you watched the sneak peek. Or unless you're Jionni, who, according the party girl with faulty underwears, has seen her and Snooki make out many a time before. Guess that's why he didn't care when his gf came clean about her sapphic tryst.

It was a looooong evening of publicly digesting each other's tongues, but the question remains: What exactly did those two do with each other once they jumped under the covers? In this clip from our "Jersey Shore Hook-up," Kenny Santucci presses Deena for answers to the definition of "we played" while JWOWW cops to enjoying the peep show. Check out the video, then take the poll and vote whether or not you think D's telling the complete truth about what happened between the sheets.

Is Deena lying about how far she went with Snooki?

  • Yes, they totally took it up a notch in private.
  • No, she would say so if they did more.

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