'Death Valley' Poll: Who Will Hook Up First?

With lust brewing at the Undead Task Force (not to mention, all of the freaks milling about the streets of "Death Valley"), it's time we figured out who's gonna get freaky (you don't just wanna see cops capture monsters, do you?). We've taken a stab at figuring out all of the show's potential mates--here's who we think will shack up first!

John John and Rinaldi: These partners shared some major sparks during their bloodmobile zombie attack. Put them in another life-or-death situation, and they might just turn up the heat.

Landry and Dashell: We know that captain has to keep things PG with his crew, but we can't help but wonder if he would break a few rules for this blonde newbie.

Rico and Landry: Was it just us or did little Landry get some enjoyment out of her black kiss? Now that she's on her own special GBGB party assignment, there will be plenty of chances for a few more smooches.

Pierce and Anyone: Officer Pierce, who proudly gunned down his ex-hookup after she got bit by a zombie, is probably the loosest of the UTF crew. It wouldn't be too shocking to see him get some lovin'.

+ Like our predictions? Take the poll and let us know who you think is gonna turn on some Marvin Gaye and get busy first!

Who's gonna hook up first?

  • John John and Rinaldi
  • Landry and Dashell
  • Rico and Landry
  • Pierce and anyone

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