'Awkward.' Lesson Learned: Things Not Going Well? Wait A Minute.

Most girls dream of the day when they can revel in the perfect Sweet 16, complete with good friends, the undivided attention of a crush and maybe even a used car with a bum wheel. Jenna Hamilton celebrated the "Awkward." occasion by sitting alone at lunch, tending to the scorn of her best friend's cold shoulder and acting as if Sadie Saxton's iced coffee drainage system was of no bother. By the time she got home, having rid herself of the world's unluckiest pair of lucky socks, she understandably wanted to crawl into bed, pull the covers over her head and act like the day had never come.

But refuge never arrived. The one place in which Jenna could typically take a small amount of salvation--her messy "Invisible Girl" bedroom--had been mutated into a floor sample of a Men's Express furniture store. The foreign atmosphere killed the chances of Jenna properly mourning the loss of the day, but then something unexpected happened. Jenna stole a glance at the clock and realized 16 was still a few minutes away. Almost concurrently, things started to shift.

It's possible that if Jenna hadn't decided to follow Molly Ringwald's advice, having just seen "Sixteen Candles" for the first time, that Matty McKibben might have still made his way through the door to her new bedroom bachelor pad, confessed his true feelings and given her the perfect kiss goodnight underneath the mirror on her ceiling (about that...). But until she consciously decided to step out from under the black cloud hovering above her, and accept herself, inimitably, (GET ME A DAMN TISSUE) it would have only meant half as much. The tides of 15 might have been a little rough, but hey, 16, 25, 81? They're not looking too bad.

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