'Jersey Shore' Cast Shows Their True Colors Through Tats [Photos]

Deena flaunts her new inspirational ink at the 2011 MTV VMAs.

If you caught a glimpse of Deena at this summer's VMAs, then you might've noticed a flossy phrase scribed across the "Jersey Shore" meatball's two mega-tanned feet, which read, "Tell me I can't and I'll show you I can." Recently, she enlightened UsMagazine.com readers by explaining the motivation behind her new tattoo. "I like proving people wrong," she said. (Sounds like we have a lot in common with her.)

'Course, Deena's not the only "Jersey Shore" castie that's used permanently inked words to reveal a part of their psyche. Let's review:


What It Says: Forza

Special Meaning: This Italian word stands for strength or force in a family, and since Vin is the original mama's boy, we can't think of anyone better to wear it on their sleeve.


What It Says: Cadillac

Special Meaning: At first glance, it may seem like a regular ol' automobile logo, but we think it represents so much more than that. Pauly started his career as a used car salesmen, and this shield of art possibly pays tribute to his humble beginnings. He'll never forget where he came from!


What It Says: OMA

Special Meaning: Jenni wore her heart on her shoulder when she unveiled praying hands with the word "OMA" written across the bottom, which is for her grandmother that passed away. It complements the "OPA" ink she has on her ankle.


What It Says: Live, Love, Laugh

Special Meaning: The lovable meatball truly lives by this motto, so it's only fitting that she has such a simple yet meaningful expression written across her rib cage.

ANGELINA (from Seasons 1 and 2)

What It Says: Misunderstood

Special Meaning: We certainly agree with the former castie's choice of ink, as many of her fans did, in fact, misunderstand, asking why the tat was upside down. Just when we thought it was all part of some larger philosophical insight, she set the record straight on Twitter, writing, "My tattos upside down soo ppl read it. Why r ppl not getting this???" Ahh, noted.

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Photos (from left): Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Scott Gries/PictureGroup, WENN