Snooki Takes Anderson Cooper For A Spray Tan [Video]

Don't put Snooki in a box. She may be the epitome of an East Coast guidette, but she's certainly not afraid to cross over into other domains. For instance, remember when she and former presidential candidate John McCain tweeted at each other?

Recently, Snooks made another huge move into foreign territory by developing an unusual bond with CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper. So what exactly brought them together? The same thing that helped the "Jersey Shore" castie start a dialogue with McCain: tanning!

Earlier this summer, Snooki invited the salt-and-pepper-haired TV personality to come bronze with her, tweeting, "Thanks for reading my NY Times Bestseller Mista Anderstand Cooper. Love to help you get a 2nd book. Let's go tanning and talk about it." "Anderstand" understood and agreed to do it on his new talk show.

Check out the video below to find out what happened when she brought the reporter over to her neck of the woods for a little fake 'n' bake. Out of all the embarrassing elements involved in stripping down in front of a stranger wielding a can of cold paint, Cooper actually appears to be most uncomfortable with wearing a hairnet!

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