'Teen Mom' Poll: Is Maci Too Hard On Ryan?

During tonight's episode of "Teen Mom," Maci was not pleased when she learned how Ryan was spending his father-son bonding time. After going back and forth over custody of Bentley, the exes finally agreed on a co-parenting plan, but she lost it when friends confided that Ryan was leaving their son at home with his own parents while he went out and partied.

In the below clip from this week's "Teen Mom After Show," Maci explains to SuChin Pak why she was so bothered by Ryan's actions. She admits to having really high expectations of everyone in her life, but even so, she's worried that Bentley will soon recognize his father's absence and feel rejected.

+ Check out the video, then take our poll and tell us whether or not you think Maci has a right to ask Ryan to put his social life on hold.

Is Maci being too hard on Ryan?

  • Yes, she needs to give him a break already.
  • No, he still has a lot of maturing to do.

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