Catelynn Loved Being Called Tyler's 'Soulmate' [Video]

Ever since Catelynn and Tyler went to therapy to discuss her insecurities, she's been itching to do something special for him, and during tonight's episode of "Teen Mom," she decided to take him skiing for the first time. After doing some research and finding a quaint bed and breakfast, the two set off for a quiet, romantic weekend far away from the pressures of home, where they could refocus their energy and attention on one another.

In this clip from our latest "Teen Mom After Show," Catelynn gets mushy with SuChin Pak about her and Ty's fairy-tale trip. She says that her plan to get some alone time with Tyler was a big success and comments on how "frickin' cute" it was when he called her his "soulmate." She recognizes how rare and unique their bond is and actually attributes part of it to their daughter, Carly. Check it out:

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