'Teen Mom' Poll: Should Farrah Leave Her Baby Behind?

Tonight's 90-minute episode of "Teen Mom" will stick with us for a long time. The mere suggestion by Farrah's parents that she leave Sophia behind as she makes a life for herself in Florida took us aback, but what really struck us was seeing the self-doubt that overcame Farrah as the family tried to work out the situation in therapy. Though it's understandable that Debra would be opposed to living far away from both her daughter and granddaughter, she perhaps pushed the boundaries of her grandparent role when implying that Sophia would be neglected without her in the picture.

In this clip from our latest "Teen Mom After Show," Farrah voices her frustration over her parents' inability to trust her completely. In hindsight, she feels they put too much pressure on her to do what was best for them, and not for Sophia. "No one can take care of Sophia better than myself," she says confidently.

+ Watch the video and then tell us in the poll what you think of Debra and Michael's idea to take care of Farrah's child while she heads off to college.

Should Farrah leave Sophia behind?

  • Absolutely not, she's her mother!
  • Yes, Farrah's parents are right to worry.

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