Sadie Needs A Break From Her Tough, Tough Life [Video]

It's been awhile since Sadie sent an installment of her "Awkward" anger-management program our way. If you assumed it's because she eventually shaped up and graduated to emotional stability, we regret to inform you this is not the case. Truth is, she's now sidestepping humanity and, instead, has a bone to pick with the Almighty, from whom her BFF apparently needs a break. Hear that, Lord?

That's right, Sadie and her signature scowl are back, and she's sick of hearing about how her hardworking parents, among others, need an escape. Had anyone ever considered that she, the popular cheerleader with money to burn, might need a vacation? Consider what this girl puts up with: Lissa's commitment to Christianity, that one cheerleader with scoliosis and, the biggest burden of all, Jenna Hamilton. It's enough to make someone lash out! Lucky for us, Sadie has channeled her anger into constructive video therapy.

+ Take a look at the webisode and tell us you feel for the girl who has nothing everything.

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