4 Acronyms The 'Jersey Shore' Cast Should Adopt ASAP

Italy is an inspiring country brimming with creative juices ripe for the sipping. Vinny and Pauly got a taste of it last week when they crafted an acronym that is a true piece of art: FPC, or Fist Pump, Push-up, Chapstick. (It's already taken over the "Jersey Shore" house and Twittersphere!)

This catchy new slang got us thinking about other abbreviations that would fit the cast's personalities. And after an intense brainstorm we came out with four that are perfect for our favorite tourists. Check 'em out:

DMF (Drink, Make Out, Fall): This one was created with Deena in mind. The lady may not always be DTF, but she IS always prepared to tumble her way to oblivion after a night of boozing.

FAB (Fight, Apologize, Break Up): Don't let what these three letters spell out confuse you--this is not a fab sitch. Instead, this clipping of characters represents the never-ending cycle that Ron and Sam go through every time they share a house together.

CDH (Coffee, Dinner, Hair): It may sound like a restaurant health code violation, but these are really the only three things happening in the cast's kitchen.

HSC (Happy, Sad, Confused): "The Situation" is an emotional roller coaster this season--it's like every minute he's a different person with a different aura. HSC is a state of mind, in which the affected can't stabilize his feelings long enough to sustain meaningful friendships.

+ Are these acronyms "Jersey Shore" worthy, or do you have some better ones of your own? Let us know!

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