'Awkward.' Poll: Does Jenna Need To Tell Matty About Jake?

It wouldn't be Jenna Hamilton's birthday if it wasn't filled with public humiliation in the form of a failed driving test, rapping guidance counselor, surprise visit from Aunt Flo (forcing her to walk around school in gym shorts and Rainbow Brite knee-high socks) and hostile run-in with her bully, Sadie. Using J as a dumping ground for her iced coffee? What. A. Byotch.

But despite our "Awkward" antiheroine's best attempts at flying below the radar on her 16th b-day, everyone noticed her...especially Matty, who showed up at the door later on looking to DTR. Underneath the kinky mirror on her ceiling, which her MOTHER so thoughtfully attached, her Knight in Shining Varsity jacket confessing his true feelings, and all was right in the world. At least for now...

+ Here's the conundrum: Matty's finally asked to be more than friends, so does that mean Jenna needs to tell him that she kissed his bestie? Take the poll and let us know what you think.

Should Jenna tell Matty that she kissed Jake?

  • Yeah, it's better that Matty finds out from her.
  • Maybe, but not yet.
  • No way, it happened when they were just friends.

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