Pauly D Lets Christina Applegate Cop A Feel [Video]

"The Tonight Show" host Jay Leno asks Pauly D to spill the dirt.

It's hard to believe there's anyone out there that hasn't wondered what it would be like to touch Pauly D's trademark blowout--it's multidimensional and perfect from every angle, kinda like the Mona Lisa. And during a recent interview on "The Tonight Show," the "Jersey Shore" castie found himself seated next to a curious celebrity that was totally blitzed by the power of his spikes.

While gushing to Jay Leno about getting cozy on stage with Britney Spears (not many other people in the world can say that Brit Brit gave them a lap dance!), enamored actress Christina Applegate, who was sitting in the adjacent seat, leaned over to get a feel for his 'do. "I'm sorry, I had to," she exclaimed, after interrupting their interview. "It's stiff."

We don't blame you, 'Tina. It's like touching King Midas.

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Photo courtesy of NBM