Forget Flowers, Mike Says 'Sorry' With A Blanket [Bonus Scene]

When it comes to "Please forgive me, I suck" gifts, the thought is what's most important. Unless the thought isn't exactly thought through. In the below bonus scene from last week's episode of "Jersey Shore," Snooki, who after being on the outs with Sitch over a hookup rumor (which he started), is handed an interesting peace offering from her former close friend, and she's not exactly impressed.

Snooks is right in the middle of complaining to her roommates about Mike's unwillingness to apologize for claiming that she'd cheated on Jionni with him, when in walks the culprit with an unwrapped present in hand. He bought her a fuzzy blanket towel to show his remorse...but, as he announces to everyone in the room, it only set him back 25 euros. Nope, not impressed, but at least he finally offers an "I'm sorry."

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