'Fantasy Factory' Poll: Were You Impressed With Rob's Theme Song?

It's been a while since we caught up with Rob Dyrdek and his wild "Fantasy Factory" team, but that's probably because they're all just so busy being awesome. During tonight's episode, Rob had a big project he wanted everyone's help with, but he made it a point to inject his funhouse with tons of brotherly love before he could strap on his thinking cap and get down to work.

Having grown increasingly concerned that Big Cat and Drama were acting too cold toward each other, he invited them to a hugging therapy session, complete with candles and floor cushions. And not until squeezing was aplenty could Rob move on to the real issue at hand: creating a theme song for his new viral video series, "Ridiculousness."

After making his own track and getting a "nay" from production, Rob linked up with international band Devo, and they let him use one of their popular songs to churn out a catchy tune. Were you impressed with the final product, or did you like his first recording better? Take the poll and let us know!

What did you think or Rob's throwback theme song?

  • So awesome, and perfect for Ridiculousness!
  • I liked his first attempt better.

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