'Death Valley' Poll: Does Kirsten Have Too Much Rookie Ambition?

We can't hold it against Officer Kirsten Landry for wanting to take advantage of an opportunity in "Death Valley." As the Undead Task Force's newest recruit, she's had to put up with a lot of rookie grunt work--sadly, any chance to stick her fist through a zombie's head has been few and far between. So when she accidentally wound up with the chance to investigate an underground vampire blood exchange, she took it. This, with the knowledge that her boss's niece had been involved, and he has NO IDEA (AND SHE'S NOT GOING TO TELL HIM!). Dashell's gonna be piiiiiiissed.

Captain D assigned his young protégé the job of dressing as a student and keeping an eye on his niece, Natalie, at a party. While Dashell suspected the girl was taking part in some harmless youth shenanigans, Kirsten discovered Natalie was not as innocent as she seemed, and, like most of the party's crowd, was getting high off of the saliva of a vampire named Rico in exchange for a taste of her blood. A nasty hangover suddenly looks like a day at the beach.

Armed with this information, Kirsten and her good judgment were overtaken by the shot at a big case, and she lied through her teeth to make sure it wasn't stripped from her, assuring Dashell that everything was A-OK. That's some gumption, girl--maybe a little too much. What do you think? Sound off in the poll!

Should Kirsten have told Dashell the truth about Natalie?

  • Of course! That mistake is going to come back to bite her.
  • No, this might be her only shot at something besides busy work.

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