Snooki Debuts Brand-New Upper Arm Tattoo! [Photo]

Snooki shared a shot of her new (and real?) tattoo with her Twitter followers this weekend.

This confirms it: The woman with a bestselling book and solid career prospects as a newscaster is also part of the Royal Family. We're sure Snooki and Pippa Middleton will get along swimmingly.

Like many of her "Jersey Shore" housemates, Snooki and her skin boast a tattoo or two, but neither makes as bold a statement as the new crown crawling up her right shoulder that she shared with Twitter followers this weekend ("My New tat <3 badass," she wrote). It's pink, gold and hardly overshadowed by her giant French tips. High tea at Windsor will certainly be shaken up a bit, but hey, the crumpet routine could use a little Jersey influence anyway.

+ What do you think of Snooki's new ink? Is it real, or is Princess Meatball simply playing with the heads of us simple serfs? Sound off in the comments and let us know how you feel about her new body decoration!

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Photo courtesy of @Snooki