Watch Snooki Dance Her Way Into A Bush [Sneak Peek]

What's not to love about Team Meatball? They're two of the hardest-working individuals we've ever known (if what's being asked of them is to hide in their place of employment's restroom and secretly guzzle wine), plus, they wear floppy hats like it's nobody's business. Yeah, on occasion, Snooki and Deena can get into a bit of trouble (like if they're trying to use the phone), but it's not like they're hurting anyone...besides themselves.

Check out a sneak peek of Thursday's all-new episode, where the crazy "Jersey Shore" ladies get absolutely tanked at a bar during a weekend away in Riccione. For a while, it's just the two of them having a private dance party, but the boys arrive in time for Snooks' grand finale. She shuffles back with maximum velocity--like she's about to do the "Dirty Dancing" lift into Patrick Swayze's arms--and propels herself forward...right into some shrubbery. Whoops.

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