'Awkward.' Poll: Should Tamara Be Pissed At Ricky Schwartz?

Ricky Schwartz finally got some face time on the most recent episode of "Awkward," but his presence at the Hamilton Family Rager might not have been a good thing. All party attendees remember--except for Jenna, who was drugged by her aunt--that Tamara's band crush locked lips with "Lil' Bitch," and since T didn't get amnesia, the image of Ricky smooching her best friend was burned in her brain forever.

+ Jenna definitely broke girl code, but she was also drunk and out of her mind, so should Tamara focus her anger on Ricky, too? Take the poll, then sound off in the comments and let us know how you'd react.

Should Tamara direct her anger at Ricky?

  • Yes, it takes two to make out.
  • No, Jenna is the best friend and Ricky is just some dude.

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