That's What You Said...About Catelynn's Body Insecurity

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This week, one of the more comment-provoking stories on Remote Control focused on Catelynn's body insecurity, which flared up when her fiancé, Tyler, expressed an interest in going clubbing. A lot of you felt very strongly about the way she responded to his desire to go out and party with other people their age--here's a sprinkling of what was posted on Remote Control and the "Teen Mom" Facebook page:

Remote Control:

"Catelynn has GOT to stop the complaining, whining and jealously--she has got to get herself together! She and Tyler went through the adoption together, which was huge, and they each handled it differently, but they got through it. Catelynn has grown to be WAY too dependent on Tyler!" -- Andrea

"I think confidence makes a person beautiful, and obviously Tyler loves her or else he wouldn't have moved in with her." -- onelovexoxo

"I have a really hard time feeling sorry for Catelynn. She's young, healthy and she's had plenty of time to lose the weight! She admittedly doesn't work out, and on the show, she's constantly eating junk food! If her body image bothers her so much, she should do something about it." -- MarissaCirillo


"Catelynn, you and Tyler have an amazing relationship and you both have made some very hard but good decisions in your lives. You are beautiful and you can tell that Tyler loves you very much and would do anything for you!" -- Tracie C.

"She did overreact. She's been with Tyler since she was 13. She should trust him by now. Tyler is with HER. I have body issues too, but if I had a boyfriend that long I'd trust him." -- Tracie M.

"I really used to like Catelynn but after this week I was surprised how much she holds Tyler back. He can't say anything without her crying and wanting to end the whole relationship." -- Raechell O.

+ All of these viewers feel very differently about Catelynn's relationship with Tyler, but how do you feel? Is her jealousy holding him back, or does she just need to build up her self-confidence? Let's keep the convo going!

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