Trending: #FPC (aka Fist Pump, Push-up, ChapStick)

Sick of hearing "GTL this," "GTL that"? Then it's a good thing the "Jersey Shore" cast is constantly switching up their acronyms. DTF is soooo Miami and MVP lost its M during Season 3, but luckily tonight Pauly Joey D and Vinny presented a new term for the "Jersey Shore" Slang Dictionary: "FCP," otherwise known as "Fist Pump, Push-up, ChapStick." According to the boys, it's a way of life for all "guido toolbags" (and evidently, every guy JWOWW's ever dated).

Fist Pump, Push-up, ChapStick doesn't quite roll off the tongue as easily as Gym, Tanning, Laundry, but hey, it makes a really funny GIF. And within minutes of the scene airing (we clipped it out for your re-viewing pleasure below), #FPC was trending on Twitter. Here's a sampling of what "Shore" fans had to say about it:

"Best Scene Of Jersey Shore Ever!- @DJPaulyD @VinnyGuadagnino #FPC FistPump, Pushups, ChapStick!" --GottaStayFTD

"Do I have enough chapstick on bro? That was the best J shore moment I've ever seen. #FPC" --ang_J

"it's actually craaaazy how many people just tweeted #FPC ahahah" --mccormickamy

"#FPC for my mom cause she wants it to trend." --SamanthaHey

"fist pump, pushups, Chapstick. gonna have to say that's better than GTL #FPC" --lexiechitty

"Everytime I watch the bromance between @VINNYGUADAGNINO and @DJPaulyD it makes my heart flutter first #GTL then #FPC" --e_wadd

"Try saying FIST-PUMP PUSH-UP CHAP-STICK 10 times fast .. Impossible! @DJPaulyD @VINNYGUADAGNINO #FPC" --sharonrice

"so I haven't even watched jshore, but I'm assuming this episode has something to do with #fpc ? So many people have tweeted it." --sidneeyg

+ Got your own one-liner to add? Join the #FPC party on Twitter. And to see more hilarious "Jersey Shore" GIFs, check out MTV's Tumblr.

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