4 Costumes The 'Jersey Shore' Ladies Can Wear To Sunday Dinner

Just because we aren't kids anymore doesn't mean we should ever stop playing dress-up, and the "Jersey Shore" ladies proved it last week when they put on their massive head-toppers and boobie-bearing sundresses. We enjoyed their ensembles so much that we hope these Sunday Dinner costume changes will become as much of a Jersey tradition as the meal itself. To help them get their wardrobe ideas going, here are a few suggestions.

Jungle Animals: Between the girls' four closets, there's enough animal print to fill a rainforest. So why not put those zebra stripes and cheetah spots to use outside of the club? Each girl can sharpen their nails and come to dinner as a different kind of sexy feline.

Stripper Chic: JWOWW already impressed us with that ol' latex number, and we're sure the other girls have some pasties, fishnets and thongs packed away. If you think it's inappropriate to envision them Jersey Turnpike-ing over some steaming hot lasagna, let us remind you that their Miami kitchen had a pole in it!

Neck Brace Night: The girls could put a stop to Sitch's post-fight sniffle fest by showing him some empathy. Think of what a nice surprise it would be for Mike to break bread with other mobility-impaired people! Well...it would at least be funny for us.

Somber Sam and Ron Look: So "Jersey Shore"'s super couple is on the outs (for now), but there's no reason why the rest of the cast can't dress like them. This is the easiest outfit choice by far--all they have to do is sport their most conservative, blackest apparel... Oh, on second thought, that might be harder than we first imagined. Does Snooki own a pencil skirt?

+ Do our four dress-up ideas meet your approval? Let us know which one you like best, or if you have some of your own costume creations!

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