4 Videos Rob Dyrdek Missed On 'Ridiculousness' [Video]

Fire surfing is one of this week's most talked about internet videos.

There's no doubt that Rob Dyrdek has been working diligently to find some of the best amateur videos around the internets, but there were a few amusing clips that we think he overlooked during the latest episode of "Ridiculousness." We want to make sure that you don't miss a single bit of stupidity, so here are four more of the wildest happenings on the web!

Motorcycle And SUV Almost Collide

Feature writer Loz Blain was testing out a BMW S1000RR for a review when an SUV nearly clipped him and his passenger (stop the video at 0:12 to see just how close he got).

Polar Bear Discovers Snow

Like the first day of school, this 3-month-old Polar Bear cub left his den and excitedly played in the powdery mix. This one was too cute to pass up.

The Human Slingshot

Gizmodo found this awesome end-of-summer video of people flying down a giant Slip 'N Slide and splashing into a lake. How do we sign up for this?

Surfers Flare It Up

Surfing with just a board is a thing of the past. Bruce Irons took his newest invention for a test ride off the coast of the Mentawai Islands.

+ Did we miss any great viral videos from last week? Sound off in the comments, then check out more of Rob and Johnny Knoxville in this bonus clip from Monday night's episode. Evidently Johnny has even more to say about his experience masturbating a horse in Argentina.

Photo courtesy of SuperPunch

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