Whitney Port, Starring As Fembot No. 2 In Feature Film [Photo]

Whitney Port keeps photogs guessing what her role is in "What To Expect When You're Expecting."

A bathrobe is smartly eclipsing most of Whitney Port's outfit, but it seems safe to assume that she's sporting a pair of machine gun jumblies.

After keeping fans stumped as to her part in the upcoming Cameron Diaz flick "What to Expect When You're Expecting," Whit has ended the guessing game with this pic of her on set dressed as... a fembot? Those metallic knee-high boots surely have Austin Powers' glasses fogging up in his London flat. Behave, indeed!

+ Dry humor aside, what kind of role do you think Whitney was cast to play in the film? A high-class stripper? A low-class sophisticate? (Oops, there's that dry humor again.) Share your opinion of what the former "City" star is up to, as well as whether or not she's got what it takes to shine (even without the aluminum foil underthings) on the silver screen.

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Photo: Splash News

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