And That's The News According To Snooki! [Video]

Snooki reports on the world...which is in, like, turmoil or whatever.

New York Times bestselling author Snooki has expanded her professional horizons with the release of an inaugural newscast (yeah, she's an anchorwoman now). With a purple backdrop and pickles aplenty, Snooks delved deeply into some current hard-hitting stories, including Hurricane Irene, the state of global warming and...alien abduction.

If you're tired of all-too-evident CNN or Fox News partisanship, bored by PBS or can't take another second of the local weatherman's gimmicky precipitate jokes, take a look at the video clip below, fresh from, to see how a real working professional gets the job done (except when she's not quite sure what the headline is). Good night, and good luck.

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