Deena Cortese Celebrates K-Cav's 'DWTS' Bid With A Pole Dance

Deena Cortese at the 2011 Video Music Awards and Kristin Cavallari at ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" reveal.

Some friends send flowers as congratulations. Others plan nice dinners or simply reach out by phone. Yet when Kristin Cavallari was officially confirmed (finally!) as a Season 13 "Dancing with the Stars" contestant last night, Deena Cortese ditched traditionalism and gave the former "Hills" star her best "Job well done!" with a few swings around a stripper pole.

According to TMZ, the Blast in a Glass' trip to Los Angeles for the Video Music Awards didn't fully satisfy her club-going ways when the after parties died down Sunday night. To compensate, D-Nicole made her way to a place where the dancing's still good into Tuesday morning, West Hollywood's famous Abbey, and felt up a metal rod with the better part of the new "DWTS" team, including K-Cav and Rob Kardashian. Hopefully she managed to restrain herself from pursuing the hot blonde in the room this time around.

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