Liz Lee Rips Herself A New One On The VMA Black Carpet [Video]

Liz Lee adds subtle touches of silver, red and geeky hipster to the VMA black carpet.

When life hands you lemons, Kreayshawn will tell millions of people you ripped your dress by passing gas. So you might opt to stay away from her.

"My Life As Liz" star Liz Lee fessed up to an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction at last night's Video Music Awards, and rather than play nice and let it slide, Red Carpet Report host Kreayshawn out-awkwarded the Texas-bred supergeek by chalking up the hole in her fabric's backside to an explosive fart. This might be the standalone time someone hoped they could settle in the nosebleed section.

Take a look at Liz and her buddies of Waves discussing the finest in minimalist fashion and their big after-party goals, mainly, getting high and eating a frozen pizza. SOMEONE HAVE THE AUTHORITIES ON STANDBY.

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Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images