Life Lessons Learned On Rob Dyrdek's 'Ridiculousness'

Heeeeeere's The Internet! Starring the world's most daring idiots and reptilian mating rituals.

After scouring the www for some of the craziest amateur videos around, funnyman Rob Dyrdek revealed his picks on tonight's premiere of "Ridiculousness." In between watching a grandma wipe out on a motorcycle and the "Redneck Good Times," which included the exceptional "crotch rocket," Rob shared some important life lessons as well. Here are three of our favorites:

Never Watch Turtles Mating

The sound of their hard shells clacking together is kind of funny, but very soon into the experience, seeing two reptiles have intercourse gets pretty creepy. The lesson here is if you must watch turtles doing it, be sure to check out before the 10-second mark.

Make Your Tip Sticky

After chatting with pogo-enthusiast Ryan O'Malley, we all came to the conclusion that if you want to be successful at modern-day street pogoing, then you must set out to have a sticky tip. If not, you'll "get your face blown out." Sage advice, Rob.

Always Face A Llama

Animal lover Joel found out the hard way to always stay alert around nature's wild creatures. If you happen to find yourself on a sprawling field with a llama chasing you, get your footing in order and figure out a way to turn around. Otherwise, you're gonna end up sprinting for the hills like ol' Joel.

+ Which of these life lessons did you find most useful? Take the poll and let us know if you learned anything else worth noting from watching the show!

Which life lesson was your favorite?

  • Never watch turtles mating.
  • Make your tip sticky.
  • Always face a llama.

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