MTV Talent Charms Kreayshawn On The VMA Black Carpet

The "Teen Wolf" cast laughs the night away at the 2011 VMAs.

MTV talent cleans up real good, as evidenced by their VMA fashion on tonight's black carpet. But the VMAs are more than just a runway show--it's a time for the music industry's most talented to be celebrated and stars from each of our series to remind the world why they were first casted. Answer: THEY'RE CHARMING AS ALL GET OUT. Here are just a few of the memorable things overheard as everyone arrived on the scene.

"Is it a full moon? I might wolf out when Lady Gaga performs." --Better-when-shirtless Tyler Posey from "Teen Wolf," on whether there would be any crazy wolf attacks during the show.

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"Mmmrp mmmrp mmmrp."--Woman of subtlety and code speech Deena from "Jersey Shore," as she pressed her Rainbow Brite-buttocks up against Red Carpet Report host Kreayshawn.

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"I raided my sister's drawers." --Ultimate jock and "Rivals" winner Johnny Bananas," explaining how skinny jeans ended up on his muscular stems.

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"It's a precarious situation."-- Ashley Rickards, who plays Jenna On "Awkward," referring to how she'll avoid falling in her high heels.

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"We have a list of things to do before you die, and we thought, "Which one are we gonna cross off next? How about 'Make The Best-Dressed List'?"--The ready-for-anything cast of "The Buried Life," who decided to dress in drag for the occasion.

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"I already am!"--Snooki, responding to Kreayshawn's favorite question of the hour, "Are you gonna get drunk tonight?"

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