‘Real World’ Returns To San Diego In September! [Trailer]

Between all the police busts, Robin’s bitch-slappings and the adorable Jamie Chung just being, you know, adorable, you would think nothing could top 2004’s “Real World: San Diego.” You would think.

We’ve finally got the trailer for the upcoming season of “Real World”–which incidentally, takes place in San Diego–and it’s just as ridiculous as we’d hoped. Come Sept. 28 at 10/9c, you can expect to regularly see a cast member nicknamed “Thor” lift lots of heavy stuff, an above-average amount of male sluttiness, some over-the-top in-house beefs and a bunch of other scandy stuff we’d rather just show you than try and explain. So here:

Is it just us, or is “Real World” still the most addictive show on television? (Yes, of course we’re excluding “Jersey Shore.”)

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