'Real World' Returns To San Diego In September! [Trailer]

Between all the police busts, Robin's bitch-slappings and the adorable Jamie Chung just being, you know, adorable, you would think nothing could top 2004's "Real World: San Diego." You would think.

We've finally got the trailer for the upcoming season of "Real World"--which incidentally, takes place in San Diego--and it's just as ridiculous as we'd hoped. Come Sept. 28 at 10/9c, you can expect to regularly see a cast member nicknamed "Thor" lift lots of heavy stuff, an above-average amount of male sluttiness, some over-the-top in-house beefs and a bunch of other scandy stuff we'd rather just show you than try and explain. So here:

Is it just us, or is "Real World" still the most addictive show on television? (Yes, of course we're excluding "Jersey Shore.")

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