Pauly D Is Taking A Fan To The MTV Video Music Awards!

Pauly D gets the crowd moving at Midsummer Night's Dream in Las Vegas.

How would you prepare if you were given the life-changing opportunity to attend the MTV Video Music Awards with Pauly D? Would you try and outdo his neon green number (see above, kind reader) by wearing an even louder ensemble, or would you arm yourself with an artillery of gooey gel in case the DJ needs to spruce up his radioactive blowout on the red carpet? Well, one lucky fan is going to have to figure that out quickly.

If you didn't know, Pauly held a contest on his website to pick a date for the upcoming VMAs (fine, it's "guest" not "date"), but they had to send in a YouTube video stating why they deserved to tag along. Last night, he revealed on Twitter whom he picked, saying "Congratulations To The Winner @deanna_michelle. Her Friend Entered Her And I Was Touched By The Story .. Ohhh yeahh!!" Hey, why don't our friends do stuff like that for us?

Photo: Denise Truscello/WireImage