If There's A 'Rivals 2,' Who Should Get A Crack At It?

Considering their decades of collective experience, it wasn't a huge surprise when Evelyn, Paula, Johnny and Tyler finished out "Rivals" as the competition's champions. They came into the game with plenty of eye-rolling, but it's safe to say they had cemented real friendships by the time they left Argentina.

Because MTV loves a sequel (the "The Duel," "Fresh Meat," The Inferno" and "The Gauntlet" all have offspring) we figure (or hope, rather) that "Rivals" might see a second installment sometime in the future. So in the event that enemies will have to work together once again, here are seven teams we think could do some damage on "Rivals 2":

Ashley and Erika: The two shared many-a-squabble in the "Real World: D.C." mansion, in which Erika repeatedly aired her complaints about Ashley's living habits and Ashley bit back with shots at Erika's entitled yet defeatist demeanor. One thing's for sure: When push came to shove, reciprocal anger motivated both to kick some ass at laser tag, leading us to believe they'd make a pretty formidable female pair (in an arcade at least).

Abram and Adam: The two had mutual respect on the "Gauntlet," but the tides turned on "Road Rules: Viewer's Revenge" when Abram was oddly pissed off at Adam's proposition to handle elimination rounds fairly and articulated this point by beating the sh** out of him. Abram was feared on "Cutthroat" and Adam has a bunch of blue ribbons hanging from his coat hook--if they didn't kill each other first, they'd give other teams something to be scared of.

Kina and Cara: When the rules of the "Gauntlet 2" forced rookie captain Kina into elimination rounds every time her team lost, she wasn't thrilled when she overheard Cara plotting to oust the already burdened competitor. When Kina got the chance to confront her conspirator, she dragged Cara's backtracking ass into the Gauntlet and sent her teammate home, enforcing the point that she wasn't one to be messed with.

Ryan and Preston: The two nearly came to blows after a series of heated arguments on "Real World"'s return to New Orleans. Preston was fed up with Ryan and decided to scrub his toothbrush with some eau de toilette. Then, after a flurry of retaliatory threats, Ryan waited for Preston to return home so he could start a fight...and then didn't. While a team of skinny blowhards hardly seems like one worth fearing...no, that's it.

Veronica and Tonya: Most new-school competitors know their rivalry as a series of smacks and hair-pulls on "The Ruins," which eventually sent Tonya packing. The two started going tit for tat years earlier, though, on the "Inferno 2," in which Veronica taunted Tonya for not fitting in with the troupe of mean girls on the Bad Ass team. With the exception of an elimination or two, V and T have definite staying power.

Vinny and Derek: If you blinked for a second during the "Cutthroat: The S$%! They Should've Shown" special, you probably missed an obscure-but-hilarious argument between these two. In essence: Derek told Vinny to cover up his ass and Vinny went apeshiz on the kid. Then, both took two of the earliest flights home. While neither has a solid track record as far as the Challenge is concerned, we'd love to witness another fight over nothing erupt.

Coral and Trishelle, Ev, Julie...this entire bag of groceries: Don't get us wrong, our love of Coral couldn't be stronger, but we can't speak for everyone else. She struggled to stay friendly with Trishelle over the "Gauntlet" and "Inferno," had it out with Ev on Day 1 of the "Gauntlet 3" and uttered the Challenge's most incredibly infamous quip, "I don't wrestle, I f****** beat bitches up," to Julie, who threatened to pile-drive the funny woman on the front lawn. Coral was never technically eliminated from a Challenge, so unless her kneecap decided to climb up her thigh again a la "Fresh Meat," we have a feeling this team could do some damage and keep audiences belly laughing.

+ Anyone we missed? Let us know which people you think had enough mutual loathing to make this list.

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