‘Rivals’ Predictions: Which Team Is Gonna Win This Thing?

Now that the remaining 12 “Rivals” players have gotten their Final Round feet wet, it’s time to make some predictions about which duo is actually gonna take home the cash money. Sure, a few of them were vomiting, and others, evidently, had no idea how to paddle a kayak (really, Kenny?), but that’s no solid indication of how they will place.

Read through our assessment of each team’s strengths and weaknesses, then take the poll and let us know who you think will prevail!

Strength: Jenn’s got balls of steel (for a girl) and is good at pushing Mandi to dig deep. Now all Mandi needs to do is muster up the courage to motivate her green-faced teammate.

Weakness: Does uncontrollable puking count as a weakness? If so, then this team’s in bad shape. Aside from that, Jenn has a habit of choking during the Final Round.

Strength: Paula’s gotta win at some point, right? Between her determination and Evelyn’s dominating record, they could totally come out on top. And wouldn’t that be something!

Weakness: Paula’s tendency to break down and go “walnuts” under high-pressure situations could be a real big problem for this team.

Strength: They have Wes to thank for bringing them closer. After he went off on Cara Maria and threatened to deface her “Abram pillow,” Laurel stepped in and played the protector, which has only served to strengthen their bond.

Weakness: Cara Maria’s been known to break down and whine, and Laurel’s definitely not going to tolerate any tears.

Which female team will win?

  • Jenn and Mandi.
  • Paula and Evelyn.
  • Cara Maria and Laurel.

Strength: These guys are on a winning streak and just defeated the beast of all beasts, CT. They’ve certainly got enough adrenaline pumping through their veins to go all the way.

Weakness: For starters, a medic advised Tyler to sit the rest of the competition out, so the odds of him losing steam before this thing ends are high.

Strength: Being BFFs instead of enemies has been an amazing advantage, plus they have a great combo of brains and brawn.

Weakness: These rookie players may get along, but they have no idea what kinds of twists and turns to expect during the Final Round. Let’s hope they don’t get caught off guard.

Strength: With plenty of wins under their belt, these veterans know what it takes to finish ahead of the pack.

Weakness: Kenny’s been dragging his feet all around Costa Rica, so he really needs to step it up, especially if Wes ends up crapping out the way he did on “Fresh Meat II.”

Which male team will win?

  • Leroy and Mike.
  • Kenny and Wes.
  • Tyler and Johnny.

+ What do you think about our player evaluations? Sound off in the comments and elaborate on your favorite team!

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