Stay In Line Or Prepare To Be 'Cuff'd' [Trailer]

Not that riding in the back of a police car was ever thought to be a positive experience, but being young and on the wrong end of the law is about to get a little bit worse.

Unless you're watching from the safety and comfort of the couch, that is. Then it will be hilarious.

Next Monday, MTV's new series "Cuff'd" will take you inside patrol cars and the minds of policemen who seem to have a good knack for picking up young perps and putting them in their respective places. Imbibers of one too many and pot-toting munchies sufferers alike will have to face the music, and consequently, a barrage of cameras capturing their every tear, plea and/or unintelligible threat. A seedy cab is probably looking pretty sweet about now.

Take a look at the trailer for the new series below, and make sure to tune in Aug. 29 at 11/10c to get a first-hand account of what happens when your innocent outdoor pee stop isn't as discrete as you hoped.

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