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Charlie Sheen is to "winning" as Mike 'The Situation' is to "twinning." And creating lasting viral slang.

Merely minutes after the pithy "Jersey Shore" star and his buddy Pauly D coined the latest and greatest synonym for m énage à trois, Twitter was trending with fan riffs about #twinning, featuring some rather raunchy comments related to the slut-astic blonde sisters who sparked the initial conversation on Episode 3. May we never forget Brittany for waiting so patiently back in Sitch's bed as he fought with Snooki over their own scandalous hook-up history. And may we please forget Brit's other half, Erica, who ping-ponged back and forth between Deena and Vinny's private parts. Virgin? Riiiigghhht.

In celebration of all things identical, here are a few of our favorite tweets with the twinning hashtag:

"#twinning is trending? lmaoooo yo those twins were THIRSTY smh" --@callhersalem

"Not surprised #twinning is trending, now waiting for Abercrombie to take back what it said so they can sell #twinning shirts" --AlexCohenPSU

"Wish I was #twinning with two 6 ft 2 mocha brothers hazel/green eyes that got muscles for days yummy" --Brdway

"Does it count as #twinning if I'm in bed alone but use both my hands?" --LouBrutus

"Those twins are trending on Twitter, u make out with Deena and u get big. #twinning" --DSantos_15_96

"Use to do a little bit of #twinning myself back in the elementary school days...where you at Duawanna and Delisianne????" --tsanf_thechamp

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