Deena vs. Vinny: Who Really Pulled The Robbery?

Watching Brittany and her twin sister Erica The Virgin bounce around from bed to bed was hard to follow--it was like being at a Three-Card Monte stand in Atlantic City and thinking you found the lady, but then realizing that some guy with hair in his ears just conned you out of 20 bucks. (Idiot.)

During tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore," we stopped trying to figure out where Mike's twin transplants ended up, and instead, tried to decide which one of his roommates was to blame for taking the trois out of his ménage. Deena may have been hot on the pursuit, but after Erica The Virgin escaped her bed (twice!), she made a run for Vinny's sheets.

+ Somebody in the house pulled a robbery on Mike, ruining his chances--again--at a steamy threesome. Take the poll and let us know who's the thief!

Who stole Mike's girl: Deena or Vinny?

  • Deena. She's the one who started kissing her first!
  • Vinny! He wound up sleeping with her.