Snooki And Sitch Exclusive! Each Defend Their Innocence [Video]

On the season premiere of "Jersey Shore," The Situation dropped a 300-pound barbell right on Ronnie's shoulders, confiding that he and Snooki had hooked up two months before they left for Italy...while she was dating her current boyfriend, Jionni! Only 27 percent of you believed that Mike was being honest--even Ron was pretty skeptical--and tonight Snooks finally got her chance to respond to the cheating allegations, as well as to blast Mike for being a "f***ing as***le" (and a whole bunch of other expletives that necessitate st*rs).

There's a lot of he said/she said gibberish boomeranging around the Florence house right now, and even during our recent interviews with the cast, the two shared contradicting details. As the saying goes, there's three sides to every story: his, hers and what really what DID actually happen? It's getting harder and harder to make the call.

+ Take a look at these video clips from our separate interviews with the duo at the center of this scandal, then tell us in the poll whose version you think sounds closer to the truth.